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This is a letter from a recent client that really illustrates what Pro Sliding Glass Door Repair does better than we can say it ourselves. 

Hello Mark, 

I want to thank you for your sending out your guys to tune up my door. They did an excellent job and honestly I can’t get over how well the doors work now. You really don’t understand how bad they were until you see how easy they can open.

What I didn’t tell you is that I thought I could do this job myself as I’ve always considered myself pretty capable around the home and have built and remodeled several homes for myself over the years. I thought I would just fix the one door that is most used to see how it would go. First the doors are a beast to handle by yourself and I did dent a small corner portion just setting it down. 

Second, I never realized that the roller would be so hard to find. The first one I purchased at Home Depot they told me would work, but it didn’t drop low enough and the screws wouldn’t line up. I didn’t want to re-drill the door. I haven’t even returned them yet but they cost half as much as your entire repair bill. I had to put the old ones back on and re-hang the door as I couldn’t find one exactly like I took out. Had no idea there were so many variables. I probably lost $50 worth of AC in my home that day too as it got hot as the day went on. 

I expected this to be a big deal as it took me the better part of the day to deal with and i still didn’t fix anything and had a dent in a corner on top of that.  I was surprised to have a gliding door with new rollers and a clean track for less than two hundred dollars. If I only knew before I wasted an entire Saturday. I didn’t want to tell you this on the phone. Your techs probably knew when they did the job right but were nice and didn’t say anything.

Feel free to send any skeptical homeowners my way for clarification and best of luck to you and your team. They are the best!

Kind Regards, 

Perry Johnson


Thanks for your nice note Perry. You have a pretty common story. Our service is no different than having the oil in your auto professionally changed in lieu of doing it yourself as it may seem simple but what if the oil filter is stuck or leaks, you still have to go out and get the oil and re-cycle the old. All these things take time and money. If you only knew how easy it would be.

When we are back in your neighborhood we will call you about installing that lock as I understand we didn’t have a white one on the truck. We will wave the trip charge so you just pay for the lock and install. You won’t have any more issues locking your sliders.

Thanks again for your kind words. 

Mark Freddes,
Pro Sliding Glass Door Repair