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Sliding glass doors typically have from 2 to 4 panels. Like anything mechanical, the parts that help these heavy doors slide require maintenance, becoming worn and breaking down over time. Rollers that are underneath the sliding door inside the frame tend to wear out, making the slider hard to open. The most common homeowner fix is to simply lubricate the roller or track the best you can. This may or may not provide a temporary solution. Since wear and degrading performance happens over time you are really not aware how bad the issue is. It’s kind of like living by the airport, live there long enough, you don’t hear the airplanes at all.

Once one part of the door mechanism starts to go, others go quickly as well. Glass doors are fragile and very heavy and sliding door repairs need to be done with adequate caution and knowhow.

Common issues with sliding doors:

1. Worn rollers.
2. Worn, pitted or damaged track on the bottom of the sliding door. Door is out of alignment.
3. Heavy buildup of debris and hair on the rollers.
4. Sliding door hardware is not adequately lubricated and/or it’s the wrong kind of lubricant.
5. The header is sagging.

Pro Sliding Glass Door Repair has technicians that will fix these common problems for less than you would think. Each repair is a little different as there are so many different kinds of doors, rollers, tracks and installations each with their own set of problems. We will give you an estimate over the phone, and schedule insured technicians to quickly restore your doors.

While we are on site you may also consider upgrading your door with:

1. Upgraded Double-Bolt Locking System
2. New handle to further facilitate the ease of opening and closing your new door.

One call does it all. Call Pro Sliding Glass Door Repair today at ‭(941) 928-2263‬.